Spa Facials

Spa Facials From Namaste Spa at Marriott’s Barony Beach Club On Hilton Head Island

People get spa facials for different reasons: some people want those horrible blackheads out!  Others start taking care of their skin in their 20s to preserve a youthful look.  Older people want some help with anti-aging regimens.  And then there are the people who just want to relax and be pampered. Highly trained estheticians will customize a facial for your unique skin type & skin care needs. Anti-aging, hydrating, firming, blemish control? We’ve got you covered!

At Namaste Spa on Hilton Head Island we specialize in addressing your every need for spa facials. Please book an appointment today and experience the difference.

Our Spa Facials Offerings

50 mins
Discounted $135
Non Discounted $155


Our Classic Facial includes deep pore cleansing and purification, revitalizing exfoliation, extractions (upon request), a customized masque, a circulation boosting face and décolleté massage, and concludes with a nourishing serum and moisturizer with sun protection.

Classic Plus
80 mins
Discounted $170
Non Discounted $195


Enjoy our Classic Facial – plus, there is a whole other side (includes 30 minute back “facial”).

Namaste Signature
80 mins
Discounted $185
Non Discounted $215


All the things that you love about the Classic facial with just more to love (includes scalp, hand, arm and foot massage with your choice of aromatherapy hydrating lotion followed by warm herbal wraps for the hands and feet).


Gentleman’s Facial
50 mins
Discounted $135
Non Discounted $155


Relax with every bit of luxury provided in our Classic Facial, with extra attention paid to Gentlemen’s specific skin care needs.

25 mins
Discounted $85
Non Discounted $100


Skin glow on the go! (includes cleanse, exfoliation and moisturizer with sun protection).
*This is a perfect add-on to any massage or body treatment.

50 mins
Discounted $180
Non Discounted $210


From minimizing fine lines to improving your pores, Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that sloughs off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulates an increase in your natural collagen production and rejuvenates the skin.

Best Spa Facials!

Spa facials Namaste Spa at Marriott's Barony Beach Club on Hilton Head Island. All welcome!

Finding a place for great spa facials is kind of like finding a good partner: Most of us have to shop around a little before we settle on “the one.” And, much like bad relationships, bad spa facials can leave us with scars, burns, and a deflated sense of self-esteem.

For that reason, personal recommendation is easily the most desired way to book a facial; you want to make sure you’re in trusted, capable hands — you know, the kind that can extract without causing a flinch, that will leave you pink (not beet red!) after a good peel, or give you the glow you want all year round.

After your spa facial treatment, please leave us a review.