5 Reasons You Need a Massage at the Holidays

Get a holiday massage at Namaste Spa on Hilton Head Island


5 Reasons You Need a Massage at the Holidays

Happy holidays from Namaste Spa in Hilton Head Island! With Halloween now behind us, many of our customers are starting to feel the strain and anticipation of the holidays. At this joyful and busy time of year, we’d like to remind you that maintaining self-care is an important part of enjoying your holiday season. Below are 5 good reasons to get a massage as a part of your holiday self-care routine.

Boost your mood for celebrations with a massage.

Massage can stimulate the brain and encourage the production of endorphins. This natural mood boosting hormone can help fight the winter blues, so you can feel the joy of the holiday season.

Reduce holiday stress.

The holidays are a time when many people feel extra stress and anxiety, but a good massage can help you handle your holiday stressors. Massage reduces holiday stress by lowering your heart rate, reducing your blood pressure, stimulating the production of helpful hormones and by loosening tense muscles.

Soothe aching muscles.

Shopping endlessly for hours, baking and cooking until late into the night, wrapping gifts and visiting friends and relatives can all put strain on your muscles. Massage will help soothe your muscles, improve your mobility and give you the energy you need to keep going.

Reduce pain from holiday travel.

Holiday travel produces its own kind of pain. Sitting on crowded airplanes, sleeping strange beds, and driving for hours can all lead to aches in the joints, back, neck and extremities. Deep tissue massage can help relieve this pain and reduce muscle tension.

Boost immunity to help you stay healthy.

The holidays coincide with cold and flu season, but massage can help boost your immunity and reduce the risk of illness. Getting a massage can help you fight off colds and the flu at the holidays.

The holidays are approaching quickly, so now is the time to get a massage at Namaste Spa in Hilton Head Island. Contact us today for an appointment.