3 Reasons to Get a Facial This Holiday Season

Get a facial this holidy at Namaste Spa on Hilton Head Island

3 Reasons to Get a Facial This Holiday Season

The holidays will be here soon, and with it will come cold dry air of winter, harsh outdoor conditions and stress. At Namaste Spa, this is a time of year when we encourage our customers to come in for a deep cleansing, nourishing and rejuvenating facial. The benefits of facials are multifaceted.

Combat Dry, Flaky Skin

No doubt about it, your skin starts to look pretty dry in the winter time. Those patchy red areas can be itchy and uncomfortable. These problems can get even worse if you spend time participating in outdoor sports like skiing. Exposure to UV rays and drying winds can do serious damage to your skin.

Getting a facial will help in a variety of ways. During the long, cold winter, facials help moisturize and form a protective barrier that can hold in your body’s natural oils and moisture.

As an added bonus, you can learn a lot when you get a facial. Asking questions about skin moisturizing techniques and skin care products can help you learn to take care of your skin at home.

Relieve Stress

Holidays can bring great stress and anxiety to many people. At this time of year, many people struggle to manage their anxiety in natural, healthy ways. Facials use techniques like aromatherapy to help you feel more relaxed, which can help you enjoy your holidays to their fullest.

Look Your Best

Once the holidays begin, you’ll be visiting friends and relatives you don’t see much throughout the year. Facials help put the glow back in your skin, making you look younger, healthier and happier. Getting a facial can help you attend holiday celebrations with confidence.

Facials can help you get through the holidays looking and feeling your best. To make an appointment for a facial this holiday season, contact Namaste Spa today.